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Cosmic Convergence Austria, June 2023

In 2023 I was invited to organize The Visionary Art Gallery at The Cosmic Convergence Festival, held in Austria from June 8th until 11th 2023. This was the launch of the first Austrian Cosmic Convergence - a festival which is held annually in Lake Atitlán Guatemala. I had the pleasure of gathering together and exhibiting my works with a small group of fellow Visionary artists: Ana Hatha Art, Vera Atlantia, Kevin Campeau, Roel Crabbe, Jasmin Hila, Laurence Caruana, Florian Mesaritsch and Mascha Seitz. We all fit our works together quite harmoniously in the little gallery space and workshop area.

Five of us were present, and we had a great time setting up the show and painting together just outside the gallery (and inside, when the rain started to fall!). We also enjoyed the outdoor dance floor with its amazing programme of DJs, met plenty of kindred spirits while talking about our Art and sold a decent number of our works and merchandise. A couple of extra artists joined our joyful group, Markus Meznik and Martin Hauser, who we knew through The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

One evening, I gave a 2 hour Workshop on The Four Elements to a group of children, who dived into their symbolic drawings of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I had prepared a whole programme for adults, with an inner journey followed by drawings related to the four elements. Because it was a rainy day, a lot of people started gathering in my workshop area, and I started wondering if I had enough pencils and paper… But, five minutes before the start of the workshop, the sun suddenly came out again and everyone went back dancing! …Except for the children, who were eager to do the workshop with me! So, just for them I altered my programme! Working with children was so refreshing - they are so spontaneous and don’t think twice before picking up a new colour. That’s a great lesson to remember - just go for it!

As a Moondancer, I also participated in a concert with my Moondance Sisters Antara, Melissa, Antonia, Jessica, Atina, Moana, Veronika and Janina - sharing our Prayer Songs on stage. Our voices connected so beautifully as we sent out healing vibes to the land in and around the festival. We all had goosebumps during the 2 hour concert, raising our voices as one.

During the four days of the festival, another wonderful moment came during the Live Painting with Mascha Seitz, Ana Hatha Arts, Jasmin Hila and myself - all grooving to the music of Highlight Tribe. Our brushes were moving in time with the music and a lot of incredible shapes arrived spontaneously, with a fiery phoenix in the middle. Mascha is now working on this piece in her studio, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.

I’d like to thank Presi, Panos and the whole Cosmic Convergence team, who put in a lot of time and energy to make this festival come alive so successfully. It was a small and cosy event with a wonderful combination of different musical styles, as well as plenty of body, soul and spirit workshops. It really made me feel like I belong to a loving community of people who care for each other deeply - a feeling that is deeply needed in our world right now.

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