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Summer Seminar, July 2023

Updated: Mar 14

Last July, Laurence and I decided to re-open our popular Summer Seminar at Torri Superiore Italy. After a three-year respite due to the general pandemic and some personal family concerns, we were excited to open up the studio space once again - working together with our teachers Jonathan Solter and Daniel Mirante, as well as a wonderful group of 21 students from around the world. Throughout the three week Seminar, there was a really nice flow of creativity. Jonathan Solter transmitted his Acrylic Flow technique with a special method for decalcomania while his student created a painting based on the subject of Your Soul Tree. With Daniel Mirante, students learned a variation of the Mischtechnik while creating a composition with a landscape, architecture and imaginary figures, according to their own Mundus Imaginalis.

My role was to hold the space, and I was happy to share my love of inner journeying by guiding the group on a journey for each subject. Using chimes and my voice, I created a safe space and helped them to find a guide who could lead them deeper into their own inner worlds. The students came out of the journey with some amazing imagery, and also found the answers to some important inner questions. I’m always fascinated by how much we can see and receive, just by lying down, opening ourselves up, and connecting to our inner spiritual worlds.

Once the seminar fell into a comfortable flow, I found the time to start painting. It began with a simple exercise of lights and darks. Daniel Mirante offered a selection of images to paint, and I spontaneously picked an image of Nefertiti, because I’ve always felt a strong connection with her. She often appears to me in my journeys as a guide. So, I decided to expand the exercise by making an oil painting. My work was initially inspired by Nefertiti’s statue, but she gradually came more alive, until I finally painted her as a living goddess. You can see progress shots and learn more about the technique I used in the article entitled Nefertiti, Goddess of Light.

I also organised the Talent Show, which is always a great pleasure for me. Students (and teachers too, if they dare!) volunteer to share their extra talents on a small stage in front of Torri Superiore - singing, dancing, reading poetry, hula hooping or fire juggling… The families living in and around Torri Superiore are invited to see the show, and every year it’s always a lot of fun!

On the website of The Academy of Visionary Art, this year’s Summer Seminar has already been announced, and a 2024 Fall Seminar is also in the works - stay tuned!

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